Research & Details


This work showed me an interesting technique involving just coloured acetates and normal paper. The coloured text disappeared once you wear the 'coloured acetate glasses'. This makes me think of detectives and about finding out secrets, where the disappeared texts represents silence. I really adore this idea and would really want to develop it as a publication. Interaction can be created too.

Minna Parikka

Minna Parikka Fall 2014 Lookbook

I look for images about freeze, paused movements and these images from the lookbook of Minna Parikka is my favourite, they are like frozen ice cubes. I like how elegant but hectic it is and the flowing of garments as well as the hair illustrate the idea of stopped movement very well. It inspired me to carry out experiments on using strong and big movements of flowing objects and capture them, this can be a starting point and possibly develop further. 


This stop motion film makes me think of silent. As freezed and paused scenes is like the whole world becomes static and somehow stopped. It inspired me in terms of the technique it used, I see possibilities in making a film using stop motions.

Grégoire Alexandre

Book: Grégoire Alexandre

Looking through Alexandre's works, I discovered that some of his works show and reveal just parts of the human body, with the use of studio equipment to cover. He also has some photos about freeze moments. These showed me that hiding silently is possible to visualise with images. By creating an image with hiding elements make it more mysterious and can allow viewers have their own imagination space. I would like to create a feeling like you want to know more about someone, enlighten peoples' curiosity.  

Clockwise from top Left: Shopping nº1,Blast (2002), Shopping nº3, Blast (2003), Irina, Laurent Edmond/1,2,3 (2003), Champagne (2004)
From Left to Right: Installation (2007), Nature, Cavalera (2008)

Primary Research

Primary Research carried out in CSM and my student accommodation about confessing and telling their secrets anonymously.

Matthew Tischler

Matthew Tischler, Screen Series

“The effect of the grid used in the Untitled Screen Series is such that images are divided, pixelated, and filtered. Subjects and figures are therefore broken apart and reconstructed in such a way that they are both integrated into their environment and isolated within it. None of the subjects in these photographs have any discernable facial features or characteristics. The screen that is imposed over each tableau subjugates their identities. Richly saturated colors and flattened space create alluring vistas that seem to resemble video stills.”

Matthew Tischler's blurry element in the Screen series makes me think of CCTV again. It also has led me think of the invisible cape that Harry Potter owns. This gave me a thought of in terms of the technique I can use in capturing images, what I mean is putting a piece of net in front of the lens and purposely make it out focus to the main character, it illustrates an idea of peeping, using a voyeurism angle to see people, let viewers engaged in this peeping process by looking at the images.

Book \ Exposed: Voyeurism, surveillance and the camera

Pierre-Louis Pierson and Christian Bénard, Les yeux (The Eyes), Scherzo do Follia (Game of Madness), La comtesse en buste dans un cadre pleurant dans son mouchoir (The Countess of Castiglione weeping into her handkerchief) 1833-1866

I like the idea of making frames to emphasize the object or character in images, this connects my idea too. It gives me another way of capturing scenes, like the above photos, I can actually capture the whole set rather than just the frame itself, it gives an interesting effect.

Jim Rokos

My Other Half, Jim Rokos, Blindspot Series

I was being introduced to this work from the workshop we had on Thursday. Although it is categorised as a product design, I did get some inspirations from it. This product is designed for couples, as the name suggests 'My Other Half'. Couples have to work together as a team in order to finish the drink. What I understand from this product is that it allows couples to communicate without speaking, perhaps eye contact or sign language, it depends on how well you understand each other. To me, the transparent tube connected between the two wine glasses symbolises links and relationships. And I also got an inspiration that sometimes you can be silent even if you are with someone, because you know each other well enough.

International Fashion Showcase 2015

Gabriela Farías Zurita (Chile)

Initially, I have an idea of doing shoots that consists of movements to show the idea of frozen and paused as to me paused means silent. However after doing the shoots I found them shallow and common, I tried to develop further but I was kind of stuck until I saw this work by João Melo Costa in the IFS 2015. It reminded me of fossils as well as preservations, and then giving me an idea of laminating my images to show the idea of ice, illustrating the concept of specimens and samples of leaves, flowers.

Besides, Gabriela Farías Zurita garment piece also consolidates my idea of peeping and hiding silently. The fringe element in her piece makes me think of curtains, which somehow consolidates the concept of using windows as props/element in photoshoots.

João Melo Costa SS 2015 (Portugal)

How ancient female patients protect their privacy

古代女患者看病如何保護隱私(節錄) | 2014年05月30日 14:19 | 中國新聞網


女患者不能隨便找醫生看病,明太祖朱元璋規定“宮嬪以下有疾醫者不得入宮”。古代醫生基本上都是男性,在儒家倫理占主導地位、講究“男女有別”、“男女授受不親”的背景下,古代一直有“女病難醫”、“寧治十男子,不治一女人” 的說法。特別是皇帝后宮的女病人,男醫生尤其“碰不得”。即使病得再重,也不能隨便請男醫生進宮去為女患者看病。而且,歷朝歷代都有規範后宮女人就醫行為的規矩。





男醫生不能接觸女病人肌膚,明代《習醫規格》規定“隔帷診之亦必以薄紗罩手”。古代看病,有“走出去”和“請進來”兩種就醫模式。 “走出去”就是去醫生家裡就診,但女人生病了,更多是“請進來​​”,把醫生領到家裡看,以方便醫生的望、聞、問、切。這時候,女病人仍不能直接給醫生看,要用東西“隔”一下,以遵從“男女授受不親”的信條。即便可以出來見男醫生,女病人也要用紗巾或扇子“蔽面”。 


明代名醫李梴在《醫學入門·習醫規格》中,總結出一套古代醫生行醫的行為準則,其中提到給女患者看病的如下注意事項: “如診婦女,須託其至親,先問證色與舌及所飲食,然後隨其所便,或證重而就床隔帳診之,或證輕而就門隔帷診之,亦必以薄紗罩手;寡婦室女,愈加敬謹,此非小節。”李梴還特別指出,遇到女病人家庭困難,醫生要“自袖薄紗”。古代女病人迴避男醫生不僅是保護自己的隱私,對醫生來說也是一種保護,降低了女色誘惑。 

E N G L I S H   T R A N S L A T I O N   (U N D E R L I N E D   P A R T)

Female patients for medical treatment, how to protect privacy has always been a social topic. 

Ancient doctors were basically male dominated. Confucian ethics put emphasis on concepts like "men and women are different" and "men and women should not touch". There were sayings in ancient China: "female illness is difficult to cure", "rather diagnose for ten men then one woman". Especially for female patients in emperor's harem, male doctors can’t touch them.

Women hold feudal ethics in their mind. Especially for women who suffered from gynecological diseases, they are often ashamed and rather not to tell about their illness. Some female patient would rather die than to disclose privacy.

Male doctors cannot touch the skin of female patients. A book in the Ming Dynasty "Medicine Specifications Study” set a rule that "even there is a tulle curtain between you and the female patient, you must use sheer to cover your hand."

Some female patient even cannot face/see the doctor directly, they have to use something to separate, in order to comply with the "men and women should not touch" credo. Some female patient can come out to see a male doctor, but they still need to use a scarf or a fan to shield their face.

The most common situation is that the family will set up a bedside gauze or some plug-in boudoir curtain. Then, doctor will observe through the gauze to diagnose from her complexion and her tongue.

Layout \ Package Inspirations

Left: Highpark, By Designbyface, Right: Fiks Magazine

Envelope element is what I wanted to include in my publication, because it shows a feeling of document, confidential and the act of opening the envelop remind views of discovering things.

Book \ Antony Gormley: Blind Light

The blurry element that Blind Light brings is really fascinating. I found it extremely mysterious and silent, I feel like it is another world showing the state of silent. I like how the viewers are allowed to get involved in this environment to taste the feeling of lost and mystery. It also reminds me that apart from using tracing paper as a filter, perhaps I can bring in soft elements like producing smoke, powder.

Antony Gormley, Above two: Hatch (Details) 2007, Below two: Blind Light 2007

Delaney Allens

Self Portraits by Delaney Allens

"We tend to identify ourselves through others  - I am person, their friend, his girlfriend... but how do we find ourselves when we are alone?" 

There are features of hiding and concealing in these self portraits. It is not very camouflage-like compare to Cecilia Paredes' work (above), but I still like the idea of him using different method to hide himself for self portraits. The investigation of being alone is relevant to silent, and it also tells me about identity and finding ourselves when we are in silence.

Daniel Arsham

From Left to Right: Hiding Figure (2012), Hollow Figure (2011)

Hiding is an action involves silent. From these rigid sculptures by Daniel Arsham, I see ways to make silhouettes visible even they are covered with a big cloth. This may include using a big fan and blow the covered model, he inspired me in terms of the methods I can use in a photoshoot. I like how he create mystery through the sculpture and it also gives me a thought that silence and secrets sometimes relate to one's identity too.

Filippo Minelli

Geometry of Silence (Billboard Research) by Filippo Minelli

When talking about silent, I immediately think of absolute silence. I reckon a single colour, monotone colour visualise and illustrates this idea very well, because it also tells how your ears feel when its absolute silence. These works by Filippo Minelli demonstrated silence in different ways, perhaps it can be boring like blank advertisement boards, however it can also means something freezes and stopped in a second. To me, silence also means space, because you can have your own world and imagination, I wanted to show the idea that silence is a state of mind.

Silence Shape by Filippo Minelli

Ad Reinhardt

Book: Ad Reinhardt: Last Paintings
Installation View of Ad Reinhardt Exhibition at David Zwirner NY (2013)

Ad Reinhardt's works seem flat and dull when you look them from far. However, when you look closer, you will see geometric shapes and the paintings' compositions hiding. He mixed a little bit of another colour with black to create different shades, which were not obvious. I like the way he tried to conceal but leave a little space for people to see. This idea also makes me think of camouflage, somehow helping me to develop and visualise in photoshoots. 


Some random Secrets from PostSecret

This is a campaign in the America started in 2004 by Frank Warren. I like the way that Warren allows people to draw and illustrate anything on the postcard and mail to him in order to tell their secrets. I get an idea that secrets are something you kept long and silently but it maybe very painful. Besides, it influenced me to carry out my own, because I feel like knowing someone's secret anonymously is okay, and it can be my research and reference, through this kind of primary research I can understand the distribution of secrets (like about love, family, personal... etc.)

Michael Wolf

Street View Project by Michael Wolf

When reading and flipping through the book, Street Photography Now by Sophie Howarth and Stephen McLaren, Michael Wolf 's work has caught my eye. I like the series he made in the street view project and it gave me inspirations. Although they are taken from a screen using Google map online, I feel like a CCTV watching over people, capturing scenes that people thought they are unseen. It makes me interested in producing a series of images like this, monitoring people from a high angle and add blurry effects as well as monotone filters. I then look for more works by Wolf, the Transparent City project also became my reference, as it include the idea of peeping and watching over people secretly and silently, this gave me an idea that windows can actually be an element of photoshoots. To me, windows symbolise revealing, a method of understanding people, it is relevant to my project in some ways.

Transparent City Project by Michael Wolf

Film \ Un Chant D'Amour

Un Chant D'Amour, Directed by Jean Genet (1950)

The fact that there is no dialogue in this film already relates to my project. I like the filming method of this movie, bringing the message of voyeurism in. I can associate the prison guard with audience, as we are the one peeking through the prison doors, and that is what role I wanted to be in this project, to show viewers what I have seen. Apart from the roles, the main thing of the film to me is the fact that share cigarettes through a hole without communicating as in speaking. This has consolidate my idea of using little telephones I made when I was small, it is like another way of spilling secrets.

Shizuka Yokomizo, Stranger Series

"Dear Stranger, I am an artist working on a photographic project which involves people I do not know…I would like to take a photograph of you standing in your front room from the street in the evening. A camera will be set outside the window on the street. If you do not mind being photographed, please stand in the room and look into the camera through the window for 10 minutes on __-__-__ (date and time)…I will take your picture and then leave…we will remain strangers to each other…If you do not want to get involved, please simply draw your curtains to show your refusal…I really hope to see you from the window."

This is another reference of using windows as a medium to illustrate the uniqueness of individuals. The concept of revealing a bit here shows me that it is a way of understanding people. Giving me a thought that some people like to show more about themselves while some like hiding, I found links between windows and secrets here.


Graffiti based on surveillance by Banksy

I adore the way Banksy works, the graffitis were worked secretly and silently, until now the identity is kept unknown and secret. This impression and image of Banksy becomes my source of inspiration. He somehow destroys things but creates and challenges social norms. The idea of using surveillance cameras in graffitis has also challenged me to think deeply and reflect on the purpose, impacts and peoples' reactions on CCTV.

Film \ Midnight's Children

Book by Salman Rushdie (1981), Movie Directed by Deepa Mehta (2012)

These are the opening scenes of the film, Midnight's Children. Not just in India, ancient doctors in most countries like China and Korea have to diagnose female's illness with a hanging cloth/divider, as ancient women normally were meant to be staying at homes and not to be seen by public. This setting of the scene backs up my idea of showing bit by bit, and links to thoughts about identities. It also expands my mind map as concealing things are like boosting and stimulating humans' curiosity, this fuels up my project.

Lucio Fontana

Lucio Fontana, Spacial Concept

Apart from seeing infinitive space In Lucio Fontana's work, I can also see something about destructions in irregular yet uniform way. I like the very clean and sleek lines of cracks he made more than the holes, as it is less disturbing. Besides it also makes me think of ninjas in Japan, perhaps it can be another direction for me to look for. However, I think using holes will be better than using those ninja marks in photographs as it allows more content as well as more light.

Xooang Choi

Top Left: The Ground, Right: Isometric Female, Bottom Left: Islets of Aspergers Type VII

"I am interested in social minorities. We can’t classify all individuals within the category of a majority or a minority. I want to focus on individuals and their relationships to society.  Physical distortions or exaggerations are rendered with the most delicate, realistic way, expressing psychological anxiety and fragility. I hope the reality of this emotional status can be manifested in these imperfect or deformed bodies. In naked bodies, I tried to express the anxiety of the human being. Removed of (unnecessary) embellishment- clothes, style, and trends- these figures stand as individuals." 

Keeping secrets are never easy, people often face a lot of emotional, psychological struggles, that makes my work kind of links with Xooang Choi's thought. Apart from his concept, I like the body and gestures of these sculptures, their facial expression are normal but their gestures contradicts with it, making them creepy. The element of showing human facial features highlight the theme he wanted to bring. In terms of colour, white, naked makes me think of silent.   

Cecilia Paredes

Wallpaper Camouflage by Cecilia Paredes

Hiding is a state of silent. It reminds me of self-protection of animals, and then it gives me a thought that perhaps the initiative that people keep secrets is to protect themselves. This series of pictures are beautiful, they are elegantly done. I like the way that the artist uses people to interact and engage with wallpapers. This inspires me to carry out a shoot consists of camouflage element. However patterned camouflage maybe difficult for me to handle in terms of styling and sourcing clothes.

Eric Ceccarini

Amnios by Eric Ceccarini

One of Eric Ceccarini's work is that he uses a blurry translucent barrier to shoot naked models. I like the cleanliness and clinical atmosphere he brings. It makes me think of scanning people, which is just like discovering something secret. I can associate mine with him in terms of the effect of the pictures. These photographs inspired me in the way these model poses as well as the different body parts that I can shoot. It also reminds me the crucial role of the back light behind the barrier.


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